About Us

FOODdevelopment.market is CMYK ingredients corporation brand.



We invent and develop our own technologies

We conduct in-house R&D activities aiming at securing raw material’s integrity and creating new product forms without damaging its bioactive components. We never use any solvents, any animal fats, any polysorbates, etc.

Live Fermented Spice Oil.

Obtained by mechanical pressing and native fermentation of herbs and spices and blended with premium cold pressed extra virgin rice oil.

Live Extra Virgin Spice Oil.

Extra virgin and full of vitamins and minerals as the seed itself. Native molecules only. Zero treatment. Zero chemicals, zero modification. Perfect and ready to pack as medical food and nutraceuticals.

Raw Spice Cooking Paste.

Sweet paste is made of herbs and spices mashed with nuts, grains, dried berries and honey or other healthy sweeteners. Savory paste is a mix of mashed herbs and spices blended with ground dried fruits and nuts, pumpkin or sesame oil, extraordinary salsas, etc.


We are part of eco-tech movement as a visionary and influencer in food industry driven by common sense and trust in free will, fair trade, fair agriculture and fair treatment of resources, starting with food ingredients.

Wehile scientific studies prove that taste and smells are the two most vital components of food as well as are potent counterfactors to obesity, we decided to change the patterns of usage of herbs and spices towards fun and creativity as part of safe and responsible eating.

How do we do that?

  • We make sure that herbs and spices are safe under strict list of requirements
  • We only use raw materials with proved taste and smell excellence
  • We work with organic producers and suppliers for empowering fair trade and agriculture

Production process:

We have spliced mechanic pressing with native fermenting for better results. Now we are among the top innovating companies to design new flavors and aromas for functional and healthy food.