I remember going to a huge waterfall on a glacier in Iceland. People were there on a rock-platform overlook to see it. They had their kids. There was a place that wasn't sealed off, but it had a cable that stopped anybody from going past a certain point. I said to myself, You know, in the States they'd have that hurricane-fenced off, because they're afraid somebody's gonna fall and some lawyer's going to appear. There, the mentality was like it was in America in the old days: If you fall, you're stupid.

Clint Eastwood


1) We return the responsibility, common sense and traditional wisdom to ourselves. All that was delegated to authoritative industrial laboratories and public institutions. We do not need a third party to determine what is harmful and what is useful to us. We can manage it ourselves.

2) We create something new in the ever-changing environment and we are not going to restore the old that worked well in the past

3) We believe that the liquid destroys the useful very often. That is why we limit ourselves in consumption and production. The more, the better - this mania of growth must stop

4) We choose to influence what is happening in the food industry in general, and not in particular

5) We create the community despite the absence of personal contacts

6) We create new tools to work to maximize our energy and imagination, rather than tools that "work" for us.