BIO Liquid Fermented Oregano

BIO Liquid Fermented Oregano

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CMYK Live Extra Virgin Coriander is mechanically cold pressed from coriander seeds. They are full of vitamins and minerals as the seed itself. 

Made of EU

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Consists Compounds Vitamins: A, K; Minerals: potassium, calcium Antioxidants: carvacrol and thymol

Rich in Antioxidants, May Help Fight Bacteria, May Help Reduce Viral Infection, Could Decrease Inflammation, May Help Lower Cholesterol, May Improve Gut Health, May Help Relieve Pain

Simply Add to your Food

  • Pizza 100g - Oregano 5 drops
  • Sauce for pasta(100g) - Oregano 5 drops + Black pepper 10 drops
  • Soft drink( Bloody Marry 100g) - Oregano 5 drops + Black pepper 10 drops
  • Mayonnaise 100g - Oregano 5 drops + Ginger 5 drops + Peppermint 10 drops

Beauty Benefits of Oregano

  • skin: anti-inflammatory
  • skin: prevents premature aging
  • oral: against stomatitis
  • against foot fungal and bacterial strains