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Instant Kombucha Cidrani (14x15ml)

Instant Kombucha Cidrani (14x15ml)

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Rehydration is extremely important process for people with diabetes.

Electrolyte imbalance in diabetes is primarily a result of elevated blood glucose. With hyperglycaemia, the body tries to rid itself of the excess blood glucose by increasing urinary output. Increased urination produces water and electrolyte loss, which then upsets the body’s balance of electrolytes. The balance is especially disturbed between sodium and potassium.

BIO Rehydration Drink with Concentrate Antioxidant Herbs is a comfortable fix for the issue of rehydration, which is always with me.

This is possible because of the convenient format of its packaging, which everyone can carry in their pocket and add to water whenever they want.

The liquid form of the product provides a homogeneous and pleasing to the eye soluble in water. It enables us to get a large number of flavour variations, unlike the powdered solutions of competitors.

Fermented spices and herbs in various variations of this drink are a functional and natural alternative to the usual practices of managing health metrics.

The carefully designed proportions of spices and herbs in the drink:

  • support the gut microbiome,
  • speed up the metabolism,
  • strengthen the immune system,
  • maintain blood sugar balance,
  • increase intellectual stamina,
  • add energy or bring calmness depending on the composition.
Parameter 15 ml individual portion

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MOQ for private label

35 000

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3 500

Quantity in pallet

7 000

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Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, erythritol, fermented spices, potassium,

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