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Expand your Food Business
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Focus on sustainable foods indicators. Reduce CO2 emissions by natural technologies. Make more money on functional food trends.

Food of Tomorrow Box

(all-in-one delicious samples for private label)

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We have gathered into the Box our all the best, healthy, delicious, quality, cutting-edge and internationally awarded food products that have been created so far.

Discover the future of private label food through our functional food samples.

Order and make sure that "the future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed".

Look Inside The Box

For Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Low GI functional food lovers. You can find a detailed description of each item on the site menu or in our catalogue.

Small Box (35 items, 3 kg) / Big Box (73 items, 7 kg)


  1. Honey (6 tastes / 6 tastes)
  3. Chocolate (2 tastes / 5 tastes)
  5. Choco Paste (1 tastes / 3 tastes)
  7. Sweetener for drinks (1 pack / 1 pack)

Food & Beverages

  1. Rice Balls (1 tastes / 3 tastes)
  3. Granola (1 tastes / 3 tastes)
  5. Fermented Vegetables (1 types / 2 types)
  7. Instant Kombucha (6 tastes / 15 tastes)
  9. Syrup (3 tastes / 6 tastes)
  11. Vinegars (2 tastes / 3 tastes)

Tea, Herbs & Spices

  • Tea (4 types / 4 types)
  • Liquid Fermented Spices Functional Mix "Happy Body" Sets: Brain, Sleep, Guts, & Mood (4 pack / 4 pack)
  • Spices Fermented Oil (3 tastes in roll  / 18 tastes in roll)

Good For Healthy Life Private Label

Food supplements, Herbs & spices, Non-alcoholic drinks, Sweets & chocolate, Nuts & berries, Snacks, Edible oils, Ice cream, Sorbet, Functional flours, Sauces & Vinegars.

Functional Food You Can Trust

CMYK Ingredients provides quality and sustainable food product. Click to image to see the bio certificate.

How it Works

Try all of our food innovations from the Food of Tomorrow Box.

Choose which is the best fit for your business.

Create your private label.

Join the community of companies that have already succeeded with CMYK Ingredients food products.

Why CMYK Ingredients

  • CMYK Ingredients is one of the 307 technology centres in the EU.
  • We carefully check all raw materials for our food production that we buy directly from our trusted farmers (from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, India, Central America).
  • CMYK Ingredients is an innovative company. Four food products of CMYK Ingredients have been selected as SIAL Innovation Paris (2020).
  • CMYK Ingredients is one of the TOP-500 food-tech company in the world (2019).